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Our Jury

Meet the eight jurors

Jurors 2023

The International FiKVA Award 2023 will be juried by eight professional artists, from different backgrounds, working in a broad spectrum of styles - from realistic and surrealistic to hyper- and photorealistic styles.

Hyperrealist Painter

Nadine Robbins

Figurative Painter

Alessandro Tomassetti

Hyperrealist Painter

Christoph Eberle

Figurative Painter

Francien Krieg

Figurative Painter

Tanya Atanasova

Artist - Podcaster - Writer

John Dalton

Hyperrealist Painter

Richard Harper

Realist Painter / Gallery Holder

Wilma Geerts

FiKVA - Figuratieve Kunst Vandaag
Ommeganckstraat 9
2018 Antwerp