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Champagne-Ardennes, France

Masterclasses, Workshops and AiR-Programs at Moulin Bas

There is nothing like spending some time at Moulin Bas – improving your technique, learning something new, making friends or wandering off the map …

For quite some time we were enjoying the homey and romantic feel of Moulin Bas, as our private safe place for little escapes, relaxation, reflection and recharging walks & talks – but soon we realised, Moulin Bas is a place to share and started working with the owners on a possible art-program for other artists.

Moulin Bas is a unique concept. Situated in Châteauvillain, the heart of Champagne-Ardennes (France), it is a gorgeous ancient building, with unique architecture, charming and inspiring surrounding and well-preserved soul. It is not a hotel – you can’t just visit as a tourist, it is a private domain – it is visiting family.

As you can guess from its name (in French Moulin Bas means the Lower mill), it is a watermill, situated at the lower part of the Aujon river. It has a unique architecture: the entire house is a well-preserved machinery, which the owners Dino & Ditmar try to restore to its old glory with lots of love and attention for detail. The Aujon river passes through the house literally, and brings working flow and freshness on a summer day. There is a wonderful little rose garden surrounded by Moulin Bas’ walls and the river where you can work, relax and enjoy each other’s company. In the attics we have opened large space for demonstrations, masterclasses and group gatherings. As the owners are very art minded, we also organise small art exhibits for the local community from time to time.

Our first guest teacher for 2023 will be

Jaime Valero Perandones

We cannot wait to start our workshops and masterclasses programs! We hope for a non-pandemic start of 2023, so we can catch up with our live activities...

IG: @jaimevaleroartist

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