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What is FiKVA?

FiKVA (Figuratieve Kunst Vandaag / Figurative Art Today) is a non-profit organization based in Antwerp, promoting excellence and diversity in contemporary realistic and figurative arts.

What we consider Representational Art?

Representational Art generally refers to art which represents something, whether that be a vessel in a seascape, apple in a still life, or figure in a portrait. It refers to all artwork that is created to represent subject matter truthfully and the subject is easily recognizable…

What is the FiKVA Award?

FiKVA Award is our international, annual award for representational artists. It is open to everyone above the age of 18 to submit their best original work and make chance of sharing in €5000 in cash and prizes. Please, follow the link to find out more

How can I submit to the FiKVA Award?

Submission to the FiKVA Award is easy. You just need to read through the information at How does it work and and follow the guidelines at Submission form.

Technical problem submitting to the FiKVA Award?

We have tested a lot of scenarios when something can go wrong and have “solved” a lot of them already, yet there could still be technical problems…
If you are trying to submit from your android or iphone – every phone has personal settings we are not in control off, could be that your personal settings are in conflict with our custom build submission form. So if you are experiencing difficulties submitting from your android or iphone, please try from a computer or laptop.
If you are having trouble submitting from computer or a laptop – it is mostly because your browser is slightly too old – please, try from another device or browser.

What is the FiKVA Academy?

FiKVA Academy is a feature where well established artist will be teaching and tutoring emerging artists and emerging artist will benefit from different short programs and Artist-in-residence possibilities.
We plan on organising live workshops, demonstrations, conferences and masterclasses by recognised artists at inspiring venues. But because we would love to keep this possibilities open to participants from all over the world, we will have to postpone all live activities to 2023 and hope for non-pandemic-times…

How can I join the FiKVA Academy?

To join FiKVA Academy 2023 – just come back to the website from time to time and check our Academy page. There will be more information about the masterclasses and workshops later in 2022.
We have lots of good ideas and energy, but due to the Covid-situation we are forced to postpone our plans to 2023…

How can I contribute to the FiKVA Foundation?

The FiKVA Foundation is dedicated to supporting living artists. If you consider yourself a person having enough means to live a comfortable life, please consider also contributing something to the FiKVA Foundation and respectively to our artists – there are different ways to help our artists as we speak.

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