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Our Team

Chair & Founder, Art Programs

Tanya Atanasova

Tanya is the heart, soul and brain of FiKVA

She breathes art, determination, commitment, and passion for cause.
Being an active artist herself with a lot of understanding for social phenomenons and seeing the mass unemployment in the cultural sector during the Covid-crisis (2020-2021), Tanya decided to focus on the creation of a platform that aims to give valuable exposure to both emerging and well-established contemporary figurative artists.
Tanya has worked over 20 years as a co-chair in several non-profit organizations. She used this experience, her artistic vision and network to initiate a dialog between art-loving & collecting friends of different backgrounds, fellow artists from the figurative scene, museum directors, curators and writers. This naturally led to the starting of the FiKVA- foundation.

When she’s not working behind the scenes of FiKVA, you can find her painting in her own atelier in Antwerp, visiting heritage sites and cultural events or just enjoying a relaxed conversation with a friend over a cosmopolitan (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…)
Always chatty. Always fascinated by personal stories and social dynamics…

Co-founder and Project Manager

Galia Veleva

Galia is a multipotentialite world citizen.

Being a creative and social artepreneur, she sees opportunities everywhere and builds bridges (… across borders and between people). Passionate about personal growth, learning structures and creative workshops she facilitates personal development trainings and structural design learning opportunities.

Art classes have inspired her creativity for years – she loves to create and creates what she loves.

Trained and raised as a Master in Empowerment and Change Management Consultant, Galia is a true ambassador for several socio-cultural organizations in Belgium focusing on multi-generational and transcultural poverty. Having studied holistic approaches to wellness for over 10 years, Galia creates relevant opportunities and private & public events for (emerging) artists, raising consciousness and social awareness about these topics and helps talented underrepresented artists develop their career to the utmost.

Her contagious enthusiasm and passion for positive outcome, ignite the FiKVA-spirit and inspire all FiKVA’s contributors to explore new paths, while keeping the finger on the pulse.
Always a student. Ikigai enabler. Yoga and karate practitioner.

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer & Business Support

Roel Bervoets

Roel is our ‘facts & figures’ genius.
His lifelong appreciation for modern art, show business, stage & entertainment led to over 25 years of creative and commercial experience, sharing paths with some of the most talented and inspiring artists of our days….

After a successful career as a credit & investment advisor, Roel exchanged the banking industry for the adventurous art & entertainment world. He worked on various projects – from developing web applications for artists and running an artist agency to producing, managing and tour managing artists throughout Europe, Asia and South Africa…

Nowadays, when not creating opportunities for artists or punching numbers, you might find Roel at his local tennis-club or socializing around “project Next Level” … 
He is also a foodie.  And a fine wine connoisseur too….

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